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Datum: 25.06.2022

Vložil: RichardJoive

Titulek: target88

Datum: 25.06.2022

Vložil: DavidMet

Titulek: slothacker

Datum: 25.06.2022

Vložil: Uniono

Titulek: Оформление таможенной декларации

Таможенная компания «ВЭД ЛАЙН», оказывающая. Действуя на внешнеэкономическом рынке грузоперевозок, мы сформировали эффективную цепь поставок, предоставляющую нашим покупателям осуществлять поставку «от двери до двери». Мы не только перевозим ваш груз на оптовые рынки России или любой регион России, специалисты нашей компании осуществляют простое таможенное оформление и полный пакет документов. В частном случае специалисты нашей компании подберут самый действенный вид транспортировки и организуют рейс с кратчайшими сроками и тарифом поставки. За индивидуальной доставкой из КНР специалисты компании организовывают совершенный маршрут что сохраняет наших заказчиков и сроки в пути и финансы. Поручить доставку из Китая вы сумеете связавшись с нашими декларантами. Вам нужно будет указать нормы вашего товара: необходим вес нетто и брутто, габариты, объем и описание. Вы указываете адрес отправления и назначения в России. Мы предоставляем наиболее оперативный метод мультимодальной перевозки морским, железнодорожным или автомобильным транспортом и создаем кратчайший фрахт. Если вам нужна по фиксированной цене перевозка, вам необходимо избрать сквозной сервис.

Datum: 24.06.2022

Vložil: LeonardBer

Titulek: clenbuterol sale

Datum: 23.06.2022

Vložil: RobertJat

Titulek: kubet

Datum: 23.06.2022

Vložil: DonaldRat

Titulek: 토토사이트추천

Datum: 23.06.2022

Vložil: HoraceInsix

Titulek: 중국배대지

Datum: 23.06.2022

Vložil: EugeneCoubs

Titulek: Best lolita2

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Datum: 22.06.2022

Vložil: contactiwxyqn

Titulek: We offer sending newsletters of Your commercial offers via contact forms to the sites of companies via all domain zones of the world.

Good whatever time of day it is where you areHello!

We offer sending newsletters of Your messages via contact forms to the sites of firms via all countries of the world in any languages.

website =» contact-forms.su

This is a type of mailing using the feedback forms that are located in the contact section of the website and filled by our programme in automatic mode with a rate of a few thousand contact forms per minute, while the alphanumeric code from the pictures (captcha) is also solved.
After that, the correspondent e-mails including your cooperation offers are sent to the e-mails of organisations.
When sending mailing by contact contact forms, it turns out that each website sends a letter “to itself” and, therefore, all letters arrive in the inbox folder of the exact electronic address in which the firm is ready to receive the correspondent emails.

Fast one hundred percent notification of firms and internet resource owners about new commercial offers.
Search of new customers that other types of advertisements cannot find.

Finding new customers that cannot be found through other advertisements.

1.100% delivery of cooperation messages.
2.Increase of the customer database.
3. Increase of the market share.
4.Mailings based on regionality and topics.
5. Sending offers to directors.
6. Demand study.
7. Conducting marketing campaigns.
8. Studying public opinion and conducting surveys.
9. Notification speed.
10. Cost.
11. Entering the international markets.

Competitive advantages:
1.When sending mailing by feedback forms, all letters arrive in the inbox. When sending e-newsletters, this can reach up to five percent.

2.When sending mailing by contact forms it is possible to send a few million letters per day to inbox folders. When sending e-mail newsletters a few thousands arrive in the inboxes, the remaining ones often either are not delivered or arrive in the spam.

3. When sending mailing by feedback forms a message does not get blocked by mail systems because it is sent from different sites. When sending e-mail newsletters it is possible to send a few thousands of those but nevertheless all the IP addresses from which the mailing is done will be banned.

4. When sending mailing by feedback forms the minimum of macros is used to form headings and text of the letter. When sending mass e-mails, it is necessary to use synonyms («macros») for each word and create thousands various headings.

5. Many businesses try to hide their mailbox and only leave a contact form for contacting with them.

6. When sending e-mail newsletters, your cooperation offer is delivered to every employee of the organisation, (which causes discontent) compared to mailing by feedback forms where the message is received at the mailbox specifically set up for cooperation offers.

7.half of corporate mailboxes are located on free e-mail servers, they are badly "searchable" by mailbox, but when sending mailing by contact forms through these mail servers, all e-mails are 100% delivered to the recipients.

8. Only 30%-40% of organisations get into the directories within two-three years, and all the other ones are already located in our WHOIS databases and are waiting for your commercial offers.
It turns out that that e-mails of companies from directories are spammed, and therefore they will not have such result as when sending mailing by feedback forms using our new WHOIS databases.

9. Any kind of stop words in the headings or body of the letter can be sent through feedback forms. When sending e-newsletters, such letters either do not reach the recipient or end up in a spam folder.
The list of stop words of mail systems includes almost all words and phrases that encourage potential customers to take actions.


1. Increasing the customer base.
2. Quick notification of marketplaces about new business offers.
3. Informing directors.
5. Conducting tenders.
6.Conducting marketing research.
7.Conducting surveys and studying public opinion.
8. Searching for customers abroad.

Reasons for purchasing this service:

1. one hundred percent delivery of your messages and business offers to millions of organisations all over the globe.
Every site sends a message to itself so all filters of mail systems are bypassed.

2.Mailing by feedback forms is an excellent way in in terms of conducting different researches of marketing, studies and surveys of social opinion on any kind oftype of activity and direction.
When sending mailing by contact forms, you will will be absolutely sure that your message has been delivered to 100-percent of users of your service and product and if a product or service is "poorly promoted", then the potential problem lies in other things, for example in pricing.
At the same time, within seven days you will see demand for your services and products, you will not have to spend money on renting premises and other more expensive and time-consuming marketing activities.

3.Mailing by feedback forms is the quickest and the most economical way to get your product or service to the international markets.

4. Mailing by feedback forms is a tool for conducting different tenders.

5.Monthly update of the databases, as more than 150,000 new Internet resources, are registered all over the globe every day, and you, in turn, get potentially new customers.

6. Full geographical coverage for all countries of the globe.

7. We offer clients that are not available through other types of advertisement.
When sending mailing by contact forms, you will be able to get to that part of your clients, that is impossible to "break through" automatically in another way.
For instance, you will be able to send a commercial offer to those potential customers that were previously out of reach due to filters of mail systems while sending bulk e-mails.
In reality, there is a unusual situation: organisations that got into the directories are completely filled with spam with all sorts of commercial offers while very little e-mails are sent to the rest.

8. Unique technique of decoding the captcha.
There are special services for unraveling numeric and alphabetic code (captcha/CAPTCHA). It costs a dollar to solve 1000 captchas.
Therefore, processing 1 million sites our program decodes 1 million captchas, which costs 1000 $ only to solve captcha/CAPTCHA, and we provide this free for you!

9. By ordering mailing by feedback forms, you are promoting your product or service not to separate individuals, but to entire organisations, for instance domain zone .com, where more than one hundred and fifty million cooperational businesses from all countries of the world are collected (we have got samples of them from all international zones for every state).

10. Mailing by feedback forms is also a subtype of SMS mailing
Electronic address that is linked to the feedback form is the primary email of firms through which orders and business offers are sent. This e-mail is also set up for phones as it is necessary to respond to the messages instantly so as not to lose the application or the relevance of the business offer.

11. The database of every country also includes all joint firms from all over the world closely related to or working with this country, for example, national communities and diasporas.
Sanctions of search engines and mail systems?
These mailings are an alternative to sending e-newsletters, therefore search engine sanctions and "Ban" do not apply to them.
The mail system delivers the data of e-mails to the inbox folder, as it bypasses through the "warm channel" from the new IP address of the internet resource to the corporate email of the same website.
In simple language, these mailings "live in emails" and e-mail filters do not react to them, because mail systems have a great level of trust in communication channels between sites and corporate mailboxes.

You can purchase our databases separately from the mailing by sending us a request by contact form.






The simplest text of the message + a few headings, the main goal is to interest the client, and they will read the rest on your internet resource.
Most likely, all ads on your subject are already on the networks, enter the necessary requests into the search engine and choose the most relevant ones.
The headings are substituted by a carousel from .txt file.
Only messages in the text form are sent, links are inserted without problems, they are active. If the potential customer needs pictures or more detailed information, then you should forward the potential customer to visit your site.

In the letter:
Text without pictures, since pictures do not pass through the contact form.
Your contact details:
Site address:

Fields to fill in:
Several headings:
Email for autoresponces:

website =» contact-forms.su
Price List =» contact-forms.su/en/price/

Datum: 22.06.2022

Vložil: PhillipGew

Titulek: 중국배대지


Datum: 21.06.2022

Vložil: AnthonyFet

Titulek: how to choose in cockfighting

Datum: 21.06.2022

Vložil: RobertJat

Titulek: sex shop

Datum: 21.06.2022

Vložil: Burtonadunk

Titulek: kampus komputer di Jakarta Selatan

Datum: 21.06.2022

Vložil: RobertJat

Titulek: odds comparison

Datum: 21.06.2022

Vložil: RobertJat

Titulek: betway

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